Meet VR Owl

About the company

VR Owl is a full-service VR / AR Agency from Utrecht. They create VR, AR and 360 content for numerous applications; from education and training to recruitment and marketing and sales. With their team of developers, 3D artists, video makers and creatives, they find solutions for various issues.

Creating visual & interactive impact

VR Owl has completed hundreds of projects from its offices in the Netherlands and Germany. They create visual and interactive impact in the playing field between experience, technology and innovation for multinationals, governments, companies and startups, all over the world. CMO Tim Nijland: “It is our strength to help clients from A to Z by finding and creating custom-made visual solutions for specific issues.”

CMO Tim Nijland: "We aim to create more impactful applications for clients all over the world to effectively perform remote training and maintenance."

“The possibilities to create valuable impact with VR and AR content are increasing, especially in the field of education and training. That is why we will continue creating impactful VR an AR content, with a focus on education and training applications. A good example is the VR simulator we designed for Safeway. With this simulator, their operators could provide training anytime, anywhere, resulting in a more efficient, safer and cheaper training procedure. Besides learning, we still see a lot of value in VR and AR for marketing. Especially in the sale, launch and promotion of products. With VR & AR you are able to create a product experience anywhere. This is especially relevant now, with so many travel and social restrictions in place."

“We like Utrecht's central location and good accessibility. In addition, Utrecht Region has an enormous number of academic, knowledgeable young professionals. Not surprising that our young and multidisciplinary team members all come from the surrounded area.”