Meet Madaster: the land registry of materials

About the company

“Our mission is to eliminate waste by giving it an identity,” says Rob Oomen, partnership manager at Madaster. “We create ‘material passports’ to ensure that the construction of every building is transparent. The passport indicates exactly what material has been used and what its quality and value is. Building safety can be improved as well as sustainability since the passport shows how materials can be reused.”

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UR expanding opportunities: Taiwan

Taiwan was unexpectedly brought to Madaster’s attention by the Trade Team and Invest Team of Utrecht Region. The Dutch government assisted in opening doors, which helped accelerate the company’s business-to-business process. During a trade mission in March 2019, two letters of intent were signed to collaborate on accelerating the transition to a circular economy in Taiwan. “Taiwan is very externally oriented,” explains Simone Sars, business development manager for Asia. “As there is only a limited number of assets and resources in Taiwan, the concept of circularity is regarded as essential.”

Sars and Oomen hope Taiwan will be a stepping stone to the rest of the Asian market.