Meet Leaphy

About the company

Leaphy is a foundation from Amersfoort that successfully sets up and rolls out robotics projects for primary and secondary education. They develop teaching materials and teacher training for each school type. Robotics are now taught in eighty to one hundred schools in the Netherlands with the help of educational Leaphy robots. These are small robots on wheels that, for example, respond to light or look for a sound source and are delivered to schools as construction kits, so that students can put the robots together themselves and program them using block code.

Educational and sustainable

Recently, the Leaphy foundation launched its first sustainable Leaphy robot. This Leaphy Ocean is partly made from soft drink caps that are found on Dutch beaches. Olivier van Beekum, chairman of the Leaphy foundation: “Now that we can make Leaphy more sustainable with recycled soft drink caps,  we are looking for the next step. For example, the production of electronics could be more environmentally friendly. ” This is why Van Beekum is going to seek cooperation with various companies like Fairphone, a socially involved company that produces sustainable smartphones from f.e. recycled materials.

Olivier van Beekum: "We want to make the greatest possible social contribution and leave the smallest possible footprint."

“Many teaching robots are quite expensive, while robotics is the best way to become familiar with skills such as computational thinking and problem-solving. We strive to introduce as many children students to Leaphy robots as possible. We are well on our way to achieving this goal. Meanwhile, we are also supported by the Dutch  Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on the peer-2-peer education project #doesLeaphy. This project is going to start in September, where VMBO students will teach children from primary schools about Leaphy robots. That cuts both ways: there are almost no computer science teachers in primary schools, so the VMBO students take on that task. Also, the children are made enthusiastic about IT and the students can discover whether teaching might suit them. ”

“We want to make the largest possible social contribution and leave the smallest possible footprint. That is why, for example, all Leaphy robot construction kits are put together by social workshop De Wissel van Amerpoort in Amersfoort. Besides the fact that the first Leaphy robot originates from Amersfoort, this city in Utrecht Region also has a very central location. From here, it is very convenient to seek and find cooperation with other companies and organisations.”