Meet Devise

About the company

Devise offers effective data solutions to improve emergency care. With Devise’s designed data tools, emergency care organisations can continuously monitor, adjust, and improve emergency, to quickly become data-driven. That can result in, for example, shorter response times of ambulances.

A combination of social impact and technology

The focus on emergency care is a conscious choice, says co-founder Tom Berger: "Data is becoming increasingly important for everyone. Emergency care is an incredibly dynamic and complex sector, where we can contribute to saving human lives by delivering the right transparent data applications and insights. The combination of creating a visible social impact with technology is why we have specialised in emergency care. In addition, this sector has many interesting, topical challenges, for example: ‘how do you deal with the availability of ambulances when the influx of patients increases and the hospitals fill up?’”

Co-founder Tom Berger

An effective contribution to better emergency care

"I am very proud that many organisations have been able to improve their emergency care with our help significantly. A good example is AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord, where 25% fewer delays occurred in 2018 according to the A1 performance standard of 15 minutes compared to 2016. Thanks to the designed simulation model and the logistical dashboards, the organisation also sees more involvement and awareness among employees. Probably because of the better accessible and properly monitored information."

© AmbulanceZorg Limburg-Noord

Impactful future plans

Devise is still focusing on the Dutch market for now. "We are constantly working to improve and update our product-market fit. Not only for our current clients but also for potential new clients such as general practitioners and emergency care providers to help them with the coordination of acute care." Besides, they look around at countries such as England and Taiwan, where the ambulance care pressure increases. "We are exploring several international markets, focusing on ambulance care. We see great opportunities to help with the capacity problem that frequently occurs in, for example, England where patients sometimes have to wait longer than an hour for an ambulance to arrive (source). In five years time, we hope to be a renowned expert in data applications and insight for acute care in the Netherlands and ambulance care internationally.”