Meet EVAnet


    EVAnet is a white-label network of smart parcel lockers at bus stops and other public locations. The current delivery model is not sustainable – environmentally, socially and financially. EVAnet is building a new logistic framework that removes the delivery vans from the streets and reduces carbon footprint and congestion. The new framework also creates a better customer experience by using Izipack. 

    Izipack is the smartphone app platform that provides control to the consumer where and when to deliver parcels in the last mile. Together, EVAnet and Izipack innovate parcel last-mile delivery by making the consumer's life easier and reducing the use of delivery vans.  


    EVAnet believes the solution to the parcel delivery problem lies in collaboration and alliances. We are looking for partners that want to work with us to make parcel delivery sustainable, efficient and improve costumer experience. Our partners are both in the public domain and the private domain: the key to a successful innovation of the logistic network is a good cooperation between both provinces and municipalities and the private sector. 

    Quick Facts