Our focus markets

Our focus markets are Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria), China (Guangdong), Hong Kong and Taiwan. We see huge potential for Dutch businesses in these economic areas and the government has been working on opening doors there. Activities in the United States and Canada are currently carried out exclusively in collaboration with our Trade and Innovate partners. However, we continuously screen international marketplaces for new opportunities, and we welcome your input. We also invite companies based in Utrecht Region to participate in trade missions organised by our regional and national partners. 

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Germany (82.9 million inhabitants) represents the largest economy in Europe and is the Netherlands’ most important trading partner by far. The country’s prosperity and geographic proximity offer plenty of opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs. 

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Taiwan (23.6 million inhabitants) has seen dramatic growth following a huge increase in Foreign Direct Investment in the 1960s. Taiwan now holds one of the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves.

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China (1.4 billion inhabitants) is one of the largest economies in the world. Every region is different and therefore the market opportunities differ markedly per region. The province of Utrecht signed a Friendship Treaty with the Chinese province of Guangdong in 1995.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong (7.5 million inhabitants) is a financial, logistical and trade hub for the region. Hong Kong is often viewed as the gateway to the Chinese mainland and surrounding countries.

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