Meet Nelen & Schuurmans

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About the company

Utrecht-based innovative company Nelen & Schuurmans uses data to clarify water problems. Models predict which houses, streets or neighbourhoods will be most affected by flooding. Twenty years ago, when the company was founded, they had a dream to work with their own software, now their dream has grown to international proportions. 

UR expanding opportunities: Taiwan

Nelen & Schuurmans has been participating in several Dutch trade missions to Taiwan, organized by Team Trade & Invest Utrecht Region. Taiwan, a country that regularly deals with typhoons and the associated floods is particularly interested in their software. “In Taiwan, they are often involved in these ‘smart city’ solutions,” says Fons Nelen, one of the company’s founders and managing director. “There is a lot of confidence in this technology and a lot of money is spent on flood solutions. For us, this is the ideal area to see if we can come up with local solutions.”


High government officials helped Nelen & Schuurmans get introduced to potential partners and clients. In March 2019 these team efforts resulted in a collaboration with Asia Pacific Telecom to co-create innovative solutions against floods in Taiwan.